Breaking Bad with CENTURY 21

October 1, 2013 MullenLowe

AMC had a huge night Sunday with the series finale of Breaking Bad. 10.3 million viewers, a 255% increase over last season’s finale and a 56% bump from the previous week, according to Ad Age.

There was a tidal wave of social media activity, too — more than 1.2 million tweets, with as many as 22,373 tweets per minute.

The show creators delivered an epic finish, killing it in every way imaginable with this episode.

In the buildup to this major TV event, we were thinking about how to get in on the conversation in a way that was relevant and would pay homage to the brilliant show. We worked with CENTURY 21, which has a motto of being smarter, bolder and faster, to put the fictional Walter White house up on Craigslist. The post was filled with show references, like “Water heater replaced in 2009. Secret crawl space great fun for kids.” There’s even a phone number that directs to a Google Voice mailbox, where the tribute to the show continues.

We tweeted from @CENTURY21 to cast members and show enthusiasts and put the Craigslist item up on the CENTURY 21 Facebook site noting that there are a lot of real homes in Albuquerque that are actually for sale.

There’s been a lot of great pickup of the story and social buzz for CENTURY 21. Plus some colorful messages on the voicemail, including “This is Heisenberg. You have my hat.”